CPCSSN Alberta

The Primary care Data Network for Alberta

What we do at CPCSSN-AB

We support more than 300 clinicians to maximize their practice and quality of patient care, provide community, advance research. We currently extract EMR data for more than 350 000 patients.

Optimizing use of the EMR


The EMR is a powerful tool that has vast clinical applications beyond data entry and billing.



Research Support

Clinicians have the opportunity to lead and participate in community and primary care research, supported by experts in epidemiology, medicine, health services and public health.




Prioritizing Security

Security is a top priority for CPCSSN-AB. Patient and provider anonymity is ensured. Research ethics board approval has been obtained for each network, including at the University of Calgary’s Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board (CHREB) and the University of Alberta's Health Research Ethics Board-Health Panel (HREB-HP).

Surveillance and Analysis


Our online Data Presentation Tool (DPT) tool and individualized clinician reports enable clinicians to analyze trends in their practice and to compare their outcomes to other clinicians in their clinic and provincially.


Knowledge Translation

Research shows that the gap between knowledge and practice is best addressed through systems, such as the EMR. Our personalized clinician reports present relevant evidence-based data including performance on key guidelines and current Canadian practice recommendations. Reports are tailored to a single pressing clinical issue, providing clinicians with the necessary data to make clinical changes.


Data Linkage

CPCSSN-AB is implementing a linkage system with administrative databases, including hospitalizations, pharmacy and emergency department visits in order to enable clinicians, clinics and PCNs to optimize quality of care and outcomes for patients with the ability to systematically track patients across healthcare sectors.